Richard LeMiuex, author of Breakfast at Sally’s, was a journalist in the mid-west and moved to Bremerton to start a publishing business.  He lost the business and his family and was homeless on the streets of Bremerton for about 18 months.  With help of others he was able to get his book published and now lives works with The Salvation Army (Sally’s) to help others in need.  He will be in Yakima this weekend, but first today he will be on "The Mike Bastinelli Show."  Also today, Dr. Keith Kantor, author of the book, "What Matters" and former chair of a health care advisory committee for the House of Representatives will join us. Dr. Kantor proposed many action items on health care that the House passed but died in the Senate. He says there are numerous things Americans do not realize about Obamacare and that many still believe that it is free health care. Listen today from 3 to 6 on AM 1280 and FM 99.3 Newstalk KIT.