If men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, teenagers must be from another planet altogether. If you have raised a teen or are raising a teen now, you know what an experience it is. Whether it's the mood swings, the "I know everything there is to know and so do my friends" syndrome, or just getting some of them out of bed, it can be tough to navigate teenage waters. Could it just be growing pains or something more serious like depression?

Gregory Jantz, author of "When Your Teenager Becomes The Stranger In Your House', was a guest on Tuesday's Mike Bastinelli show.  He talked about how depression has the ability to derail a teenager’s progress toward healthy adulthood while confusing and frustrating parents. Dr. Jantz covered the hard questions about the most critical season of your child’s life:

  • Is this “just a phase,” or is it clinical depression?
  • How do hormones affect my teen’s behavior—and what can I do about it?
  • How can I get help when I see the warning signs of suicidal thoughts?
  • Why does my teenager seem to need me some days and hate me other days?

You can listen to the interview by clicking this player.

Part One

Part Two

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