You can get an app for just about everything for your iPhone or Android phone. Now Oscar Meyer has one that really makes scents. Oops,  I mean sense.


I found this item written by Doug Aamoth at Time Magazine's online edition today.

Finally, a scent-emitting device that attaches to your iPhone and wakes you up to the smell of bacon.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. For starters, you’ll have to win the bacon emitter by filling out a form and getting accepted as an Official Bacon Beta Tester by Oscar Mayer. The form consists of two multiple-choice questions and a third, open-ended question about how much you love Oscar Mayer bacon. You’re going to have to sell a sliver of your soul, in other words.


If chosen, you get a little doohickey to attach to your iPhone that puts out the sound of sizzling bacon, and actually emits the smell of bacon. It acts as an alarm clock  to wake you up with the sound and smell of pig-candy heaven.

Wow. That's what I call an app!

It got me to thinking: What other apps would I like to see like that?

The Disneyland App. An app that would not only make the sounds of the various lands at the Magic Kingdom, but would emit the smells of fresh popcorn, churros, and cotton candy.

The You Shouldn't Be a Parent App. This app would not only sound like a wailing baby 24-7, but it would also emit the scents of poopy diapers, spilled formula and spit-up.

The 14-Year-Old Teenage Daughter App. An app that smells like nail polish, bubble gum, and an unmade bed. It would make snarky, sarcastic, disrespectful comments, and whine "It's not fair!" every 30 seconds. The on-screen visual would be constantly rolling eyes.

Wait. I don't really need that last one. I have a 14-year-old teenage daughter.