Family Values –Family Values—Family Values….Must be election season because everyone is talking about Family Values.  Here’s what Men's Health magazine has to say about families after polling nearly 500 men about the family. Here's what they said:

How would you describe your family growing up?

  • Better than most, 28%
  • Pretty average, 56%
  • Totally dysfunctional, 16%

How about now? Would you draft a new family if you could?

  • Yes, I'd replace the whole lot, 9%
  • I'd keep my nuclear family but swap out the rest, 34%
  • No, the current setup is fine, 57%

Do you seek family approval of the women you date?

  • Yes, 39%
  • No, 61%

Have you ever dumped a woman because your family didn't approve?

  • Yes, 18%
  • No, 82%

Would you go on a road trip with your parents and siblings now?

  • "Gas up the car!", 58%
  • "I'd rather have my toes chewed off by rats.", 42%

What would a family member have to do for you to disown them?

  • I'd never disown them; blood is thicker than water, 20%
  • Seriously injure another family member out of recklessness, 38%
  • Commit a heinous crime, 14%
  • Disrespect my wife or girlfriend, 13%
  • Burn through family money, 10%
  • Change religions, 1%

What is the biggest threat to the family today?

  • Spousal conflict, 26%
  • Cost of living, 21%
  • Both parents working, 18%
  • Negative media influence, 15%
  • Drugs & alcohol, 12%
  • Bad neighborhoods, 2%