Has it been four years…already?  Wow, time DOES fly when you are having fun and I have to tell you, it really has been fun.  Yes, I’m talking about my time as the At-Large-Position 5 Yakima City Council Representative.  No, it’s not fun campaigning in a wheelchair, and it’s not fun having the newspaper put you in the crosshairs.  But it WAS fun learning more about how this great city physically operates, meeting the dedicated city staff and learning the procedures of governance.  Overall it’s been fun and interesting and challenging and frustrating and rewarding and yes, after some consideration, I have decided to seek re-election


Four years ago, the early organizing activities of the national T.E.A. Party helped to motivate my candidacy.   I clearly recall average folks, regular people finally being fed up and rising up to say stop the growth of government, stop taxing us out of business and I clearly recall how they were insulted and discounted.  Four years later the T.E.A. Party is again in the headlines, this time as the victims of abuse at the hands of the IRS.  Honesty, Transparency, Fairness, Common Sense, Communication were the themes of importance for me to run four years ago and they seem to be in even shorter supply today!  If my circumstances were different I might very well run for the state legislature or congress. Kidding…I’m not THAT much of glutton for punishment.  Besides, serving my local community offers plenty of opportunity to feel that what you do does make a difference.

Another one of the original motivators for my first run was to have a chance to be part of the process that would help select a new city manager and a new police chief.  So far so good.  Both Manager Tony O’Rourke and Chief Dom Rizzi are doing excellent work bringing new ideas, new efficiencies and new energy to those important positions.  I look forward to having four more years to work with them to help bring about the exciting new and improved future for Yakima.

A word or two about my conduct in the campaign to come.  I don’t know if I will have an opponent.  The Auditor’s office is open until 3:30 Friday and people can file up until then so I won’t know til then.  But I do know this.  I know that I won’t riddle your neighborhood with color coordinated signs introducing myself. I won’t muddle up the broadcast airwaves with commercials telling you how great I must be.  I won’t clog your mailbox with brochures showing me shaking hands and kissing babies.  And here’s the best part--Nor will I be soliciting your financial support.   Keep your money…save it to go to an upcoming downtown event…some fun ones are coming!   I believe in fiscal responsibility and that dictates that my re-running as the Un-Candidate shouldn’t require a lot of money ….and I trust you won’t interpret this as being arrogant or cocky.

It’s just with 30+ years in broadcasting in the Yakima Valley, a dozen of those giving political opinion on the radio and now with four years of time on council,  I figure by now, you know me and you already know if I am worthy of your vote.  The superficial nature of traditional campaigning doesn’t interest me and I hope by this time is unnecessary.  So that being said, I plan to do some door-to-door visiting, I will attend any and all forums and gatherings and if circumstances allow, I will continue to share my thoughts, ideas and opinions on the radio.

Despite my quips and jokes at council meetings, I believe I have an ability to clarify and simplify some of the complex issues that come before us.  I truly believe it is everyone’s responsibility to try to find a way to give back or improve your community. It has been honor and a privilege to have been selected to serve the residents of Yakima. I am grateful for the four years I’ve had and the good Lord willing, I look forward to Four -More- Years!!!  Common Sense and Sense of Humor ready to serve!  See you at the polls…er…Post Office!