Chris Cargill of the Washington policy Center appeared on the Morning News Show this Morning to deliver the message  that based on the State Board of Education’s annual “Achievement Index , results for schools in the major school districts in and around Yakima are considered disappointing.

According to the annual index, just four of the 50 schools in the Yakima area rank Exemplary — the top ranking given by State Board of Education officials. The index rates schools as Exemplary, Very Good, Good, Fair or Struggling.

Overall, 56% of schools in the Yakima area are in the bottom two categories of the index — “Fair” or “Struggling” — and 30% of schools finished in the middle — a rating of “Good.” If the Index used a grading scale of A–F, 86% of Yakima-area schools would receive a “C” grade or lower.

Yakima School District:    Best: Eisenhower High School  – Exemplary (A)                 

                                              Worst: Yakima Satellite Alternative – Struggling  (F)


East Valley School District:   Best: Moxee Elementary – Exemplary (A)                                                             Worst: East Valley Central – Fair (D)


West Valley School District:   Best: Wide Hollow Elementary  – Exemplary (A)                                                              Worst: Apple Valley Elementary – Struggling (F)


Sunnyside School District:   Best: Pioneer Elementary – Very Good (B)                                                                 Worst: Sunnyside High School  – Fair (D)


Selah School District:    Best: Selah High School – Good (C)                                                          Worst: Selah Academy – Struggling (F)


The annual Achievement Index is a ranking of 2,189 public schools in Washington state based on data compiled by the State Board of Education for the 2011-12 school year. It is conducted to determine whether school officials are fulfilling their paramount duty under the state constitution to provide a quality education for every child.


Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

The full Achievement Index covers the 2011-12 school year and is available online here.  Local schools are listed alphabetically, by district, or by score. WPC’s two-page Policy Note explaining the Achievement Index is available here.