love my wife…she is awesome…SO, that being said, she does “encourage me frequently, to lose a few and get in shape.  Her intent is pure even if her methods are sometimes…repetitive?  But there is research out of Denmark that might provide me some of the cover for which I have been searching!  People whose spouses nag and bombard them with demands have higher risks of heart disease up to 300 percent higher, than those with laid back mates!  Study author Rikke Lund, Ph.D., who tracked more than 4,500 people for 6 years, says that high levels of demands and worry can lead to extra stress, which has been linked to heart disease. (Men's Health)  So fellas, tell the little lady to calm down. Reassure her we’ll get there -if not on her time table. And if she doesn’t get the picture, you can always pull a Fred Sanford and claim you feel “the Big One” coming on!