Start The Year With The Ugly Truths About America
Yes, Americans are not really happy with their lives. I tend to believe this is caused by the tension we are under, both financially and politically. Norway is considered the happiest country on the planet. The USA isn’t even in the Top 10.
Scammers Busy In Yakima Claiming Another Victim
The man gave the scammers financial information and sent cash before he realized it was just a scam. And in the end he contacted the Yakima Police Department after being scammed out of $10,000. And Bastinelli says since many of the scams are so sophisticated there's little if anything authoriti…
T-Rex – Science Says Its Bite Was A Monster
The movie world of Jurassic Park isn’t quite “historically accurate.” Um Dave, it-s-a-movie!  Stay with me, we are going someplace.
The Jurassic time period occurred from 199.6 to 145.5 million years ago, following the Triassic Period and preceding the…

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