Well, now I think I’ve heard just about everything.  I’m not a “Trumpster” and he wasn’t in my top half dozen candidates but he’s the nominee and so he has my vote.  That being said, at some point you have to decry the overwhelming, relentless and ridiculous attacks.

Maybe this is just an observation by an expert naturalist but we certainly haven’t heard anything like this before.  Jane Goodall -the world's foremost expert on apes-- says "DONALD TRUMP debates like a chimp in a dominance ritual."

Hey, maybe she meant it as a compliment- but come on!

Speaking to the Atlantic magazine Goodall said, “in many ways the performances of Donald Trump remind me of male chimpanzees and their dominance rituals. Male chimpanzees try to impress rivals with aggressive behavior, such as stamping and throwing rocks and she noted "The more vigorous and imaginative the display," the more likely it is that the chimp will rise atop the hierarchy and remain.

During his GOP primary debates, Goodall says Trump reminded her of a particular chimp she knows named Mike.

Given the nature of politics today it truly is a jungle out there, so who knows.  One thing we all know.  There is a lot of beastly behavior on display in campaign 2016.