A new mini-golf course in Seattle offers more than putting, windmills, and laughing clowns.


Do you play miniature golf? It can be fun. With my family, it can be just a bit nutty. My younger kids want to play, but will not let me show them the basics of just how to putt. Then, when they aren't successful, they get mad. It's a no win situation for a parent. C'mon, you've been there.

A new mini golf place has opened in Seattle that is aimed at adults. Smash Putt opened on March 1 in Seattle's Sodo neighborhood. Smash Putt is like mini-golf with the added challenges of negotiating laser beams, power tools and other mechanical obstacles. Plus, you can play it while having a beer.

Smash Putt bills itself as "Rise of The Miniature Golf Apocalypse!"

It's kind of unique in that it has a very limited run, and you have to make a reservation to play. They term playing as "shows."

Not just putting at windmills, over little bridges, and into a clown's mouth!

Visit the Smash Put website here.