Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Guys, you might be thinking "I'll just get her some roses, no big whoop." But did you know that the color of those roses has a deep significance? And trust me guys, she knows what each one means.


Roses are a very popular gift to give at Valentine's Day, but each color has a specific meaning. Each one can be appropriate to the stages of your relationship.

Yellow Roses image

Yellow roses are appropriate for a new, budding relationship. They signify friendship and "I care",  the promise of a new beginning.

Pink Roses image

This color is great for a growing relationship. They symbolize grace and elegance, admiration for beauty and refinement.

Red Roses image

Guys, think before ordering these. This color carries a significant meaning. They symbolize love and affection, romantic and abiding love, true love,  desire, and passion. Don't jump the gun with this one. The message conveyed here is a weighty one, one that can easily be misunderstood by the giver and the recipient.

White Roses image

This is a serious color, given in very mature relationships. They symbolize purity and innocence, reverence and humility,  everlasting love, marriages and new beginnings.

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