The finale of "Breaking Bad" was everything that I had hoped for, and more.

The final episode of "Breaking Bad" had everything a fan of the series could hope for.

Revenge, redemption, honesty, suspense, and an M-60 machine gun automatically wiping out a gang of Neo-Nazis.

Good times.

Seriously, my wife and I watched all 62 episodes of the series, which produced many "Did I just see that?" moments. I asked her what attracted her to watch the pilot episode, and she told me that it was the show's premise: A high school chemistry teacher with terminal cancer decides to use his abilities to make and sell illegal drugs to provide for his family after his death. A regular guy going to extremes for his family.

We were hooked after that first show. The twists, the turns, the "What the?" moments.

I actually coined a new phrase to describe a well thought out plan to intimidate someone into doing your bidding. I call it going "Heisenberg" on somebody.

If you were a "Breaking Bad" fan, you know what I mean.

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