With the Big Game coming up on Sunday, we checked in with Vicki Baker at Grocery Outlet in Yakima for some great football party snack ideas.

Football and food go together, especially this Sunday! Vicki Baker, owner of the Grocery Outlet in Yakima, gave us some tips:

Personally my favorite, COMPLETELY UNHEALTHY, snack on Super Bowl is to wrap Little Smokies with bacon, line them up in a pan, and cover them with about 1/2 inch of brown sugar....bake in the oven for an hour or so (or until the bacon is crisp). These are ridiculously good, and there's never one left.
Another easy one - spread cream cheese on a plate in a thin (1/4" or so) layer - one package of cream cheese covers a normal plate. Cover with Heinz cocktail sauce mixed with shrimp (I use the tiny salad shrimp). Serve with Wheat Thins.
Awesome cheese bread - mix a small bag of shredded cheddar with about 5 chopped green onions, enough mayonnaise to make it into a spread, and enough worchestershire to turn it slightly brown in color. Spread on French bread loaf, cut down the middle into two halves, put under the broiler until browned (watch it closely, it will burn!)
Healthier snacks are pinwheels made with tortillas, ham, cheese, condiments (mustard/mayo), lettuce, tomato, etc (wraps cut into bite size pinwheels). Fruit tray and veggie tray of course. hummus and pita chips and/or celery. The shrimp dip can be made with fat free or light cream cheese then it's not so bad.
Those are some ideas for snacks!

Don't Forget that you can get the ingredients you need for great snacks, as well as a great beer and wine selection at Grocery Outlet on South First Street next to Home Depot in Yakima.