Most Overpaid Athletes. Here’s a list of athletes that most people say they are overpaid for their profession. It’s not always the team that pays them, most of their money comes from endorsements.

Many of them sign contracts worth millions of dollars, but their celebrity status ends getting them lucrative endorsement deals. To wear a pair of Nike sneakers might mean another six or seven figures in the bank- or even more.

We all realize how ridiculous their salaries can be. No matter how talented they are as an athlete, some how the money they make always seems excessive.

Here’s the list.

1. LeBron James – When he devastated Cleveland fans by heading south for the Heat, this basketball player ended up taking a paycut for a $110 million 5 year contract.

2. Barry Zito – This San Francisco pitcher is recognized as one of the most overpaid athletes of our time making $126 million over 7 years.

3. David Beckham – The infamous English soccer star has a contract worth $250 million!

4. Alex Rodriguez – This baseball players signed on to the Texas Rangers in 2000 for a ten year contract worth $252 million!

5. Eli Manning – recognized as one of the highest paid football players of all time, Manning made headlines when he was offered a 6 year contract for $97.5 million. Football is a bit strange in the way their contracts work, so it’s $97.5 million with a $35 million guarantee. Either way, he’s paid pretty well.

It brings up the question that if they get paid these salaries, would they still play? Most probably would for the fame. These athletes are very talented, even if people think they are overpaid.