The county auditor is reminding citzens that the November ballot is due in the Yakima County Auditors office Tuesday.

County Auditor Corky Holloway says more than half of the voters who received ballots will not send them back. “We expect about a 46 percent turnout Statewide it looks like it’ll be about 51 percent.”

Holloway is hoping for a bigger turnout on election day. Yakima citizens will see three Yakima City Council races. Only two are contested. City councilman Dave Ettl is being challenged by Charles Noel and councilman Bill Lover is facing Carole Folsom Hill. Mayor Micah Cawley has no challenger.

There is also Proposition 1 on the ballot. The law would amend the city's charter to require a two-thirds majority vote of the city council to raise any taxes.

People who have not mailed in their ballot remember it needs to be in the Auditors office on Election day.

Ballots can also be dropped in the drop box inside the courthouse or across from the Yakima County Courthouse on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.