Turnover is a headache for most businesses.  The lost productivity, the time spent to find and train new employees…it’s just the last thing a good business wants. So why does it happen? What makes most employees finally decide to move on to greener pastures? Relationships, health and finances may cause some employees to quit their job, but the number one reason by far is a bad boss.

Marc Serota/Getty Images

MoneyWeb reports poll results showing that half of all respondents said that long hours, low pay and bad assignments were all trumped by a difficult boss.  Employees are so miserable at work that:

  • 44% said they put in just enough effort to not get fired.
  • Only 23% said they work to their full potential.
  • 75% admitted they could be more effective on the job.

Meanwhile, two out of three disgruntled employees are so annoyed at their boss, they are actively seeking different employment opportunities.     Bosses beware!