Just 13 days until school starts in the Yakima district. Last night was Kindergarten open house at Gilbert Elementary.  Kate is super excited for future homework!  She’s odd like that.  Her teacher is the very nice

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Mrs. Scott and she’s in for a wild ride with my gator girl.  Time to wrap up the school shopping and while you do consider this:

Personal Shopper recently surveyed two-thousand parents to find out their take on back-to-school shopping. Here's a look at the results:

  • 64% say back-to-school shopping is time-consuming or stressful
  • 20% dread back-to-school shopping
  • 61% find sticking to their budget to be the biggest challenge of back-to-school shopping
  • 70% say quote, "getting deals on the items both they and their kids want" would make the experience more enjoyable
  • 29% say they have to keep their kids focused on buying the things they need to go back to school
  • 20% go to the mall more than once or visit than one store to buy necessary items
  • 18% don't have enough time to finish back-to-school shopping
  • 17% argue with their children while shopping
  • 15% can't find the brands their children want

Good luck to all the kids heading to Valley schools this fall.  Study hard, have fun and try not to end up as a talk show host!