We know that IF you could change jobs, you would probably put Lance and Dave out of business and rule the airwaves yourself--right? OK maybe not. That would be too easy. But for job seekers out there, with so many people vying for the same few jobs, you have to make yourself stand out somehow.  But how?

Tim Boyle/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A prospective employer will want to know where you have worked before and the tasks and projects for which you were responsible, but our experts say need to provide more details than that. Just a listing the facts and figures is not enough.   You must use the job interview to show how your particular skill set will add real value to the organization.

The top five skills every employer is seeking:

  1. Work well in teams, especially with people different from yourself.
  2. Understand the global context in which work is done.
  3. Solve problems in creative and innovative ways.
  4. Be flexible and comfortable with ambiguity.
  5. Write, speak and present well.