First they show their Northwest Spirit with a Seahawks designed airliner. Then they allow passengers wearing Russell Wilson Number 3 jerseys. And now Alaska Airlines takes the cake when it comes to getting you from here to there on time.

David McNew/Getty Images

That's the word from FlightStats Inc., which tracked more than 8 million airline trips taken in 2013. Bottom line: Delays were up. Cancellations increased. About 78 percent of U.S. flights arrived on time in 2013, compared with 80 percent in 2012, which is considered a significant decline. Basically, 2013 was one of the worst ever for airline reliability reports the Wall Street Journal, but among the disappointments was the Alaska Airlines shining star!

The worst on time record belongs to United. Overall the number of flights delayed excessively by 45 minutes or more increased 13 percent, while the number of flights canceled jumped 15 percent.

The top nine airlines ranked from best to worst for on-time performance are:

  1. Alaska
  2. Delta
  3. Virgin America
  4. Southwest
  5. JetBlue
  6. US Airways
  7. Frontier
  8. American