As part of the city of Yakima's ongoing effort to revitalize north first street a popular Yakima restaurant has joined in with a major remodel. And now officials say Red Lobster in Yakima is ready to show off its new look.

The restaurant was re-modeled over these past 2 months. General Manager Brian Farrens said it is been at least 20 years since the building has been updated.

He says the restaurant's new image fits in perfectly with the ongoing revitalization of North First Street. “We might not be the reason that stuff is happening, but we want to be part of what is going on down here with the revitalization down in this area and really get people to come back and see it is a great neighborhood," says Farrens.

The general manager said during the remodel business actually picked up. Red Lobster hired on 15 more staff members. All of them were more than ready for Sunday's big crowd.