I recently read an article about the "18 Things You Have to Explain to Out-of-Towners About Seattle."  I figured that there were a few things that we who make our lives here in Yakima need to explain about our city to people who don't live here.

The article at thrillist.com about Seattle listed 18 things that Seattlites feel the need to explain to people who don't live in the Emerald City. Here are the top five:


1. Yes, this is what we’re wearing!

That is the answer to any and all questions like: "Jeans... at work?", "Cargo shorts... to a wedding?!", or "Flannel/Polar fleece... to (insert pretty much any place, here)?".


2. No one owns an umbrella...

And using one’s the best way to let people know you’re not from here.


3. ... because it doesn’t actually rain that much

Just flew in from Chicago? New York? It rains more in both those cities every year than it does here.


4. No, not everyone here works for Microsoft

Some people work at the dozens of PR, consulting, gaming, and other companies they single-handedly keep in business. Or at Amazon.


5. No one from here actually goes to the Space Needle

Or the Science Center, or EMP, or anywhere else at Seattle Center. Unless there’s something really good on the IMAX, or we’re hungry for Bigfood. On second thought, forget it… it’s not worth it.


It occurred to me that there were plenty of things that Yakimanians might have to explain to out-of towners about our city. I decided to enlist some of my personal Facebook friends  to gain their input on the subject.


John R. came in with "Not everyone thinks Miner's is the best burger in town."


Todd L. listed that not all people in Yakima "want the "Palm Springs" sign removed", or "have yet to travel outside the valley at least once in their lifetime."


Jennifer C. responded that not everybody here is "in the wine business."

And I personally would have to explain that despite what you read in social media (if you pay attention to that type of thing) we don't all think that "people on the west side laugh at us."

Can you think of any other things that you would have to explain about Yakima to an out of towner?