A broad coalition kicked off a campaign in Yakima today, urging Congress to pass immigration reform this year. A press conference at the Red Lion in Yakima was held to announce the formation of the Washington Compact.

A coalition of business leaders, agriculture, faith communities and immigrant rights groups have come up with a declaration of five principals to guide Washington State's immigration discussion.

Mike Gempler, Director of the Washington Growers League says, "It's time that we make illegal immigration harder, and legal immigration easier, our economy depends on it."

Also attending today's news conference was former Congressman Sid Morrision, Don Brunel, President of the Association of Washington Business, and Rich Stoltz, with 1America. Each of these groups have agreed to support the compact. The five principals of the compact include federal solutions, law enforcement, families, economy and a free society.

Gemper also says, "This is not a bill, but it's a set of principals which congress can follow when it puts forth a bill."

"This is not a partisan issue," says Stolz, "it has the full support of the political spectrum in this country."

The entire one page compact is located at www.washingtoncompact.com. The compact draws from similar efforts in other states, including Arizona, Colorado and Utah.  Readers can sign a petition to support the compact.