Many of us find our refridgerators and pantries full of food that goes bad before we even have time to enjoy it. Save some money this holiday season and pick up these tips on what you can do to waste less food.

1. Buy Less Food - Americans see buying in bulk as a great way to save money. This is great if you have a family of fifteen, but for the average household buying less and visiting the grocery store more often helps prevent waste and allows you to turn leftovers into an unexpected meal.

2. Un-Clutter Your Fridge - "Out of sight, out of mind"...and if you can't see the food that goes bad quickly, you'll most likely be throwing it out. Putting new groceries in the back and older groceries in the front is a great start.

3. Make French Toast - This is one of my favorite tips as I am an expert in French Toast making! Making something new out of something old is the thought behind this tip as the classical recipe calls for stale bread. Banana bread is also a great why to save those old bananas from going into the trash! 

4. Ignore Expiration Dates - Relying more on your senses and less on the numbers to determine whether food is still edible is fine, as the dates of expiration tend to be on the conservative side.

5. Use Smaller Plates - This encourages you to eat less, making meals last longer.

For more of these tips, read the full article at MSNBC.