Surely you, like just about everybody else, think that you are an excellent driver and that the road is otherwise littered with idiots and maniacs. Before you go full-blown berserk at a fellow motorist you may want to check yourself before you wreck yourself (and others!).

Cases of road rage can easily be attributed to obvious jerk-like behavior, i.e., tailgating, failure to use a turn signal, cutting off another driver, etc. Sometimes folks are simply inconsiderate and appear to think that they own the road.

One driving mistake that can cause all kinds of trouble is something that you might not even realize that YOU are doing incorrectly.

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You might think you know how to merge into traffic safely but Washington State Patrol Trooper Thorson posted a video on Twitter that details the proper way to enter. Take a minute to make sure that you aren't the butt-head that is mucking it up for everyone else sharing the highways and byways with you.


The biggest and most obvious takeaway from Trooper Thorson's "trivia" question is that it is your responsibility to yield to the cars that are already on the road that you want to enter. Mind you, that doesn't mean coming to complete stop and waiting for an opening. It also doesn't mean to floor it and let everyone else have to make room for you either. On-ramps are engineered to allow for plenty of road to perform what is called the "zipper" merge.

Here is an easy-to-understand video that explains proper merging technique.

Now that you have been refreshed, be aware of these 10 stupid Washington State laws that you might be in violation of.

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