This story seems a little over the top as I sit here and plan out my summer vacation.  Looking for a little R&R  is like planning my own demise if some studies hold true!

Get this - a new study reveals that just two weeks of inactivity can increase a healthy person's risk of chronic disease and even premature death. WHAT?

University of Liverpool researchers looked at an admittedly smallish group of healthy, physically active people, who were monitored with activity trackers. Researchers gradually reduced how much physical activity participants did over a two week period going from just over 2 and a half hours of activity per day to half an hour per day.

After spending the increased time sitting and "vacationing", participants experienced significant changes in body composition, including loss of skeletal muscle mass and increases in total body fat. In two weeks!

Researchers suggest such changes can lead to chronic metabolic disease and premature mortality. Yikes!

The results emphasis the importance of remaining physically active, and highlight the dangerous consequences of continuous sedentary behavior—even on a two week summer vacation!  (Daily Mail)

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