She says "I do" and you say it too and it's all smiles at the beginning.  But that can change.  A quick check of the divorce rate will bare that out.

In this time of Coronavirus and forced isolation and confinement, maybe you and your significant other have experienced some of the sniping and criticism that plague other couples?  Best be careful.

Because those couples who do manage to stay together, those who fight, bicker and chip away at each other, over time, run the risk of possible serious detrimental health effects.

The Daily Mail reports on a study that warns against  constantly critiquing your significant other.

Lafayette College researchers found that older people who reported higher levels of criticism in their partnerships were significantly more likely to die within the following five years compared to those who did not report as much criticism. Five years sooner--the proverbial "early grave!"

Which is worse - criticism by the husband or the wife?  Neither - the effect held for both men and women, and regardless of whether or not the person had close family support, friends, or other factors.

Study authors point out how the psychological damage of constant critique translate into actual physical consequences of stress.  The solution is - Knock it Off, because your behavior can negatively impact your partners health and longevity.


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