Seems like everyone wants their child to be unique these day and it all starts with the baby's name. (I named my middle daughter DACOTAH, after North Dakota, with a softer spelling,  in honor of my love for her and of the state where I was born and raised...I never saw facebook coming!)
But it is social media that seems to be driving the name train. Some of today's leading names are Ava, Paisley and Harley for girls and Benjamin, Bentley and Benson for boys.
Experts say to be sure to keep things simple -- choose a name that's not so odd that it will be hard to pronounce or spell, or that'll put a target on your kid's back for bullies.
Suzanne adds, "I think the recipe for success starts with a name that can be said with confidence-- such a name can be a time-honored classic, a trendy Top 10 or completely unique."

Example: Paisley good, Herringbone bad?  Harley good, moped bad??? Benjamin good, Sawbuck bad and Bentley good, Edsel bad !!




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