It's tough enough to feed a family in this current economy so imagine the challenge feeding 70 families every day? That's how many families are being helped by the Yakima Salvation Army food bank. Lisa Sargent the Director of Social Ministries at the Yakima Salvation Army says for the first time in 22-years she's never seen the food bank food supply as low as it is today.

Just like everyone else prices are making it tough at the food bank

Sargent says it's been a huge challenge to keep good food on the shelves to help families who are in need. Just like families the food bank at the Salvation Army is having a tough time trying to buy food at a lower cost and donations are down for the first time in years. She says for years the food bank always had more than 50 pallets of canned goods on hand today they're down to 2 to 4 pallets and that means families aren't getting as much food as they did in the past.

Can you help donate some canned food?

Sargent is hoping you can help. They're looking for non-perishable canned goods. Because they operate under health guidelines they ask for no-outdated, dented or cans without labels. You can drop off donations at the drive-thru food bank located at 9 South 6th Avenue in Yakima. The food bank is open Monday through Friday from 2:00 pm. to 4:00 pm. But she says because of the food shortage they may soon have to limit hours or cancel a day in the schedule. She's hoping the community can help prevent that through donations. Give if you can Today.

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