**America’s farmers and ranchers are counting on Congress to deliver a new, modernized farm bill.

That was the message delivered by Kevin Lussier, Chair of Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee.

He says the future of farming depends on investment in the next generation, and by increasing access, we can ensure we have the tools and resources we need to thrive, stressing the need for Congress to pass a farm bill this year.

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**Pairwise, a company specializing in genetics-based innovations for food and agriculture, has developed the world’s first seedless blackberry.

Interested Engineering Dot Com says blackberries are helpful with regards to boosting bodily functions and improving digestion and sugar levels.

They also significantly reduce inflammation, improve brain function, and help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Despite the benefits, studies show more than 30% of berry buyers don’t purchase them because of the seeds.

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**The National Milk Producers Federation leadership expressed confidence that farmers would soon see a fairer system for milk pricing.

During the recent Board of Directors’ meeting, NMPF also highlighted dairy farmers’ robust response to bird flu in dairy cattle.

USDA is expected to release its plan for Federal Milk Marketing Order modernization in July.

NMPF has helped lead the push for updated rules that better reflect the current industry.

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