There are classes, newsletters, blogs and just about every other kind of communication out there with advice and guidelines for pairing food and wine.

The Yakima valley produces some of the best wines in the world and we also possess a lot independence and good old down home common sense. It turns out those are all you really need to enjoy wine and food pairings.

Researchers at Michigan State University surveyed a group of adults on food and beverage preferences as well as their consumption patterns. Then they held a reception where the participants rated the food and wine presented at 12 different stations. Researchers were able to successfully predict wine preferences based on the test subjects consumption patterns and preferences.

So what did this reveal? Throw out the rules! Trust the taste buds! Your personal palette knows best!

Researchers say their work has wide-reaching implications, as it suggests that the traditional pairings of wine and food should really be forgotten! Heresy? Not really, they suggest sommeliers and servers should first consider a customer's personal preferences when suggesting a wine. (EurekaAlert)

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