The Yakima YMCA Executive Director Bob Romero says keep the pressure on state officials. That's his message to everyone in Yakima who would like to see indoor fitness centers open like the YMCA. Last week Romero put out a call to action asking members and others to contact the governor's office and the office of Washington State Department of Health and push them to open fitness centers in the region. Romero says he's been working closely with county officials, state representatives and the state health department and he hopes to hear soon whether or not the centers can reopen in Yakima under COVID-19 guidelines.
He says many people have written state officials and he's just asking that everyone continue the campaign. You'll find the e mail addresses in our story about this on
Romero believes the department of health and the governor's office have personal biases against indoor fitness and he says it's time they hear from the people impacted by the closure of the facilities.

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