Our hearts go out to all the seniors of the Yakima Valley and the nation really, who have missed out on the great moments of their final year of school--he hugs of joy, the sense of accomplishment that is the graduation ceremony and the final good-by to teachers and friends.  We appreciate you, your efforts and wish you the very best in your next steps in life.

There are some other graduates that we want to acknowledge too, students who for a variety of reasons, chose a different path.  Their school experience wasn't as disrupted by the isolation of the Cpronavirus pandemic. These students journey was by intention a more solitary experience of a student, a computer and a caring staff of on-line professionals helping to craft the perfect circumstance for each individual's needs.

Principal Lois Menard and several parents of graduates of Yakima's 2020 On-Line School were guests on KIT radio's morning show today (6-9-20) to give shout outs for the kids success and to shine a light on what might be the best kept secret of the Yakima School District.  The On-Line School.

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