Yakima County's development association, New Vision, is trying to attract skilled employees to the valley. It is an effort they say is needed, with an increased demand in technical and professional jobs.

New Vision is currently conducting a survey of people who have moved to Yakima in the past two years.

They are planning to use the responses to better pitch the Yakima Valley to potential employees from outside the area.

Last year, they polled local employers about the challenges they face. 75% of them say they have a tough time attracting qualified workers to our area. And without a skilled workforce, New Vision says local companies will suffer.

"If we want to attract and retain new business, then part of that is being able to attract key employees, the talented employees, and not just get them here but keep them here," said Dave McFadden with New Vision.

The survey asks people what they like and dislike about the Yakima Valley and some of the challenges they faced when they first moved here.

McFadden hopes to poll about one hundred new employees so they can attract even more people to the valley in the near future.