Listen Up parents!  An organization called Listen Up! Coaching is about to launch a new group coaching program for teens called "Yakima TeenTribe" with the intent to help teens "learn positive communication skills, overcome limiting beliefs and create a mindset of unshakable courage, strength and hope for a brighter future."

That sounds sounds pretty good and Life Coach Lexi Mitchell believes it's just what busy and often overwhelmed families need to help them help their daughters succeed.  The idea isn't to fix broken kids or supplant parental roles but with rampant bullying, self defeating attitudes, peer pressure, lack of positive role models, social media abuse and so much more negativity becoming the norm, Mitchell hopes to help the girls use the mutual support of the tribe to successfully sort out a safe and successful solutions.

The first TeenTribe is designed for Yakima Valley girls ages 11-17 and as Michell says, "will help them learn how to navigate life's challenges, develop healthier relationships...and create goals for the future."

The TeenTribe template is based on group coaching and and interaction for 8 weeks every Saturday for 60 to 90 minutes for a tribe of 10 to 15 girls.

Plans are in the works for a TeenTribe for boys.

For more information  check out or  email Lexi at

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