A Yakima woman says she was a victim of a credit card skimmer at a local Red Box. Tara Rojas says she recently rented movies at the Redbox location in front of the Walgreens at 64th Avenue and Nob Hill. She didn't notice anything out of the ordinary when she was getting her movies, but on Monday, whoever stole her account information tried to take out more than $700 at two ATM's and then buy something online for another $700 with her credit card number. Thankfully, Rojas's bank knew something was wrong and canceled her card.

Rojas says she contacted Redbox to report the possibility of a skimmer on that machine. A skimmer is a device made to be affixed to the mouth of an ATM and secretly swipe credit and debit card information when bank customers slip their cards into the machines to pull out money.

here's a few tips to avoid being a victim of these skimmers:

1. constantly check your account. if you see a charge that's strange, call your bank.

2. before you put your card into any machine, shake the part your card goes into. if it moves, something's wrong.

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