Yakima's Susan Whitman has been hired as an extra in the SYFY network's zombie TV series, "Z Nation," which is filming in Spokane.

Whitman, along with hundreds of others, spent Saturday in Spokane auditioning to be zombies.

There is a technique to it. They had us watch several videos on YouTube giving us an idea of what they were looking for and what they weren’t looking for.

Whitman says the zombie technique is simple: arms at your sides, body disfigured and quiet. She walked across the room with that technique, hoping she would land a part. She was notified of her hiring on Monday.

SYFY plans to shoot 13 episodes starting later this month, and they figure it will take about five months. That means they will need lots of bodies -- including nearly 200 actors, 1,300 extras and more than 100 crew members.