Seattle has a rich and long history, the early days of Seattle were a small and prospering city, as it grew people flocked to the Pacific Northwest. The city itself went through many changes, especially after the great Seattle fire that decimated 25 city blocks over 100 acres of land. This left little to nothing in its wake, so Seattle rebuilt over top of the damages.

In years past Seattle has become a huge deal for many reasons, one they're not so famous for is their Haunted hotels. These stories came from people who stayed at these hotels and claimed to have witnessed terrifying occurrences. We'll dive into this list and show you the top 4 most haunted hotels in Seattle, which you can still stay at.

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4.) The Thornewood CastleInn

The Thornewood CastleInn isn't actually based in Seattle but is not a far drive by any means and one you may thank yourself for. This Castle was built in 1911 by Chester Thorne whose spirit is said to still live there. People have claimed to hear the man unscrewing lightbulbs and playing small pranks on the guests who stay there. Scarier than him is his wife Anna, no she's not violent just creepy. She's said to have been seen looking out of her old window to the large Garden that resides on the property.

They also claim they have seen her staring at them in the mirror of all places. Even legendary writer Stephen King found this castle mindblowing, so much so that he based the castle in his tv series Rose Red. You can stay here as well, for more information just go to their website.

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3.) The Hotel Sorrento

Built in 1909 The Hotel Sorrento was popular among other Seattlites and guests of the city. It's beautifully built and keeps its classic attire from the early days and is no surprise to others why the ghosts who stay there are comfortable with it.

In the early 1900s, Seattlites were ahead of the curve partaking and enjoying Marijuana, credited with making the first ever Pot Brownies Alice Toklas was ahead of her time, now she's said to reside in the Sorrento to this day.

Alice didn't live in the hotel but on the same block, but staff and guests are convinced she took a liking to the place once she was spotted up on the 4th floor moving glasses around, people claim to still hear it happening to this day. She's a peaceful spirit but a busy one at that.

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2.) The Hotel Ändra

Built in 1926 the Hotel Ändra resides in Seattle's Belltown, it was known for housing musicians and flappers. To this day people report other guests blaring Jazz music 9th floor including glass being broken and sounds of other things being destroyed.

No surprise to the employees of hotels there's never any damage to be found or music being played once they reach the 9th floor. Other occurrences claim a woman being in their room watching them sleep, however she's in 1930's era clothing and as soon as she's spotted fades away. She's believed to be a former Hotel Employee who perished by her own hands at the hotel long ago.

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1.) The Mayflower Park Hotel

Built and established in 1927 The Mayflower welcomed guests with open arms excited to be in the Emerald City, but did they also welcome unwanted spirits? According to multiple reports, there's an older gentleman who still stays in the hotel, the only problem is he doesn't have a reservation.

This man however used to live on the 6th floor, day by day passed and soon enough he became a permanent guest. Reports came in from multiple guests who have stayed here, claiming to have seen an old man in their room, or in the halls just staring at them and not moving. Guests have even requested to switch rooms or even get a transfer. However, this ghost seems to be friendly, he's never done anything to hurt anyone or even try to scare them, he's just seen looking on with a gaze, is it one of curiosity or one of being lost? We may never know.

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