What a morning! Jessica from MOD Pizza had the incredibly awesome idea to invite Generosity Feeds to Yakima to assist with making sure our local schoolkids don't go hungry. Scary fact is 72 percent of Yakima's children are hungry and even more so on the weekends. The goal was to pack 10,000 meals, which Northwest Harvest and teachers will distribute discreetly, to the kids who need it the most.

Click here to see what it looked like before we began two hours in the Davis High School cafeteria.

First time here and with our volunteers we crushed our goal of 10,000 meals packed for local kids

Over 100 volunteers from sports teams to families. It was an incredible experience and the best part? We not only packed our goal of 10,000 we reached 12,000 in record time! 😍💯 We will be doing this again so if you're reading this bummed you missed out no worries, stay in touch and we'll get you involved!

Just can't wait? Northwest Harvest is always happy to receive volunteers for a number of events so don't hesitate if helping others is something you're interested in. We all need to eat and going without is, as my late Grandma would say, "the pits" and that's putting it lightly.

Huge shout-out to everyone who came out, helped spread the word and continues to show what a giving community we live in. 😍 What a way to kick off the holidays!