More people have already made up their mind and voted the November ballot. Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross says 9,350 ballots have been returned to the Yakima County Auditor's Office or 7.37 percent.

Of the 127,000 plus ballots sent out the auditor expects about half to be returned

Ross expects to see a 50 to 55 percent turnout when all the ballet counting is over after the November 8 general election.
Ross says if you used to live in a city in the Yakima Valley and you've moved to a new area and didn't update your address with the Yakima County Auditors Office a number of things could be happening with your ballot this election season. Ross says you may get a ballot now because your mail was forwarded to you where you live. Ross says that's a problem because the issues on the ballot may not apply to you now that you live in a new area.
Or Ross says if you get your ballot at a P.O. Box and you've moved to another area the ballot you have now may not contain the same issues as where you used to live.
Ross says it's vital that if you've moved that you let the county Auditor's Office know of the change so you can receive the correct ballot.

Ross says it's okay to monitor the count and drop boxes

He says the Republican party has informed the Auditor's Office that party members will be observing counting on election night. He also says political parties who want to monitor voter drop boxes in Yakima County have the right to do that as long as the monitoring doesn't intimidate voters. However Ross says he hasn't had any information that any monitoring is happening at any drop boxes located in Yakima County.

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