Eighteen-year-old Jack Pickett of Yakima is attending the Republican National convention in Cleveland today. The West Valley High School graduate is among 41 state delegates and one of the youngest in the country attending the convention.

Photo courtesy of Jack Pickett
Photo courtesy of Jack Pickett

Pickett says he's representing millennials. He says only about 2 percent of those attending the convention are 35 or younger, but they represent 20 percent of the population.

"My generation is becoming more and more engaged in the political process," he told News Talk KIT this morning. "So for me it's important that I'm here to make sure my generation has a strong voice." He wants a strong voice in the nomination process and the party platform, making sure the platform reflects the thoughts and actions of young people in the party.

Jack's mom, Laura Pickett, has joined him on the trip. Pickett says it's natural that he's at the convention since he's been involved with politics since he was 12 years old.

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