11 people who hope to be appointed to the Yakima County Commission will meet Wednesday at the Yakima Sundome.
They have declared thier candidacy for the District 3 seat on the Yakima County Commission left vacant after the death of Norm Childress September 15. On Wednesday Yakima County Republican Party officials will select the names of three people during the special meeting at the Sundome. Those names will then be forwarded to the Yakima County Commissioners Vicki Baker and Ron Anderson to choose the replacement for Norm Childress.
Those who have declared candidacy for the District 3 seat are;
They are; Jim Restucci, John Pickens, Gloria Mendoza, Tom Ditmar, Ben Garcia, Dennis Kelly, Brian Eglet, Ladon Linde, Jose Trevino, Autumn Torres and Matt Bower.
Washington State law says the successor to Childress must be appointed within 60 days of time his seat was vacant. That date is November 15.

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