T-shirts and shorts are  the official uniform for a Yakima Valley summer!

When the weather starts to heat up here in the Yakima Valley, out come the shorts and T-shirts.  Do you have any Yakima T-shirts in your summer wardrobe? They are available from local retailers and on line.

Here's an example:


Pretty basic, going with the Yakima apple theme. I could see visitors taking this one home.

Or, how about this one?


We are after all, the hops capitol of the world.

How about this one?


We do have a large Hispanic community, and lots of visitors would take this home with them.

This is my favorite.


You don't mess with the Honey Badger. Especially one from Yakima.

Do you have any Yakima T-shirts? What would represent Yakima best on a T-shirt?


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