Opening Day of The International Tokyo Toy Show
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As Christmas draws near, thousands of Yakima Valley youngsters will have dreams of getting a brand new bike for Christmas.  At the same time a couple of kids will be wishing they could get back the bikes they had in the first place!

Nothing breaks a child’s little heart like a bicycle thief and some Grinch has done that.  However the elves in blue at Yakima Police Department  have recovered a couple of bikes and are hoping to match them back to their owners.

From the YPD facebook page, “We have two stolen bikes at the Yakima Police Station and would love to find the little boy and the little girl whose missing their bikes. The boys bike is a Tony Hawk, while the girls is a BCA 200. If you know the children who had these bikes stolen, please call the YPD Property Room at 575-6221. We are not posting the actual bikes because we want the rightful owners to describe them for us.”

That's great news only IF the kids get the word to call the police.  So help spread the word -- cuz Santa can’t be bothered to bring bikes to kids who already have them.  Oh hey, and let’s be careful out there.

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