A Yakima woman is doing everything she can to find a lost service dog that hasn't been seen since March 4. Darci Cline says Duke, a 3-year-old white and orange male Brittney Spaniel was last seen after he was allowed to go outside following a bath.

Duke is a loved service animal for Cline's young daughter

Cline says she lives on a large property on North Saint Hillaire Road above the Terrace Heights Dump and after he was allowed to go outside Duke never returned.
While Duke is a dog loved by his family but he's also an important service animal for Cline's young daughter who suffers from seizures. Cline is offering a $1000 reward for the return of Duke, no questions asked. Cline says she's been searching day and night hoping to find any sign of Duke but so far no luck. She's searched her property and all around the Terrace Heights area. Cline has reached out to local media and to rescue organizations in the Yakima Valley. She also has used social media extensively posting information and pictures of Duke.

Cline says her daughter's health is declining without Duke

Cline says "I need to do whatever it takes because my daughter has fought so hard her entire life. it's just a horrible thing that her dog is missing and her health has been declining every since. "
Cline says Duke was spotted on the day he went missing on March 4 but he hasn't been seen since. She's put up posters, contacted vets and the Humane Society and the rescue organizations. She's hoping to find Duke or at least an answer as to what happened to him. "Duke kept my daughter almost daily without seizures, gave her comfort and love whenever she had a rough time."

If you see Duke call Darci Cline Today!!

If you can help find Duke you could be eligible for a $1000 reward. Contact Darci Cline with any information at 509-961-5883.

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