The Yakima County Auditors Office says Earl Lee requested that the recount by cancelled. Lee previously requested the recount and was going to pay for the action. But the recount was cancelled early Wednesday.


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Another recount is planned in the Yakima County Auditors office in a race from the general election.
The Yakima County Canvassing Board will meet on Wednesday, December 11 to recount votes in the Yakima School District Director position 5 race between Earl Lee and Martha Rice.
Rice clearly won the race with 6, 290 votes or 69 percent compared to Lee 's vote total of 2,455 votes or 27 percent. However Lee has requested and will pay for the recount.
Auditor Charles Ross doesn't expect any changes after the recount is finished. It's set to start at 9:00 a.m. next Wednesday in the Yakima County Auditors office in the Yakima County Courthouse.

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