Julia Couchman of Yakima and many of her neighbors in West Valley are moving furniture, pulling carpets and dealing with a lot of flood water from nearby Wide Hollow creek. Couchman lives on South 69th Avenue and she's been dealing with a flooded basement since Saturday morning. Oddly a majority of the water filling her basement is coming through the ground. She says her husband first thought it was a water main problem. "But I told him nope it's in the ground and it's coming from the ground up."
Couchman has flood insurance but she says it doesn't cover her basement where the water has damaged everything from furniture to personal belongings and has seeped into walls and carpets. Couchman has pumps running in the home as do many of her neighbors.
High water and flooding is keeping Yakima city and county crews busy today. The water has forced the closure the closure of sections of several streets and changes to Yakima Transit routes.

- Washington Avenue between 16th Avenue and 40th Avenue is now open

- 40th Avenue from Nob Hill Boulevard to north of Wide Hollow Creek is open

- Wide Hollow Road from Rose Lane to 96th Avenue is now open


- Fruitvale Boulevard is closed from 34th Avenue to 40th Avenue

- 40th Avenue is closed from River Road to Highway 12

- The Highway 12 ramps at 40th Avenue are closed

- The outside, southbound lane of 40th Avenue between Wide Hollow Creek and Washington Avenue is closed

- 72nd Avenue between Nob Hill Boulevard and Mead Avenue, which has been closed, will be open to traffic soon.
Some Yakima Transit routes have been impacted by the closures as well.

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