Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic says we are living in complicated times when it comes to the law, the courts, police, police reform and maintaining public safety.

Brusic has a lot of respect for the police who he says have the most difficult job in the country.  Under new legislation police are now operating in an environment where society seems to want to move from a philosophical position of being tough on crime to being tough on crime fighters.

In casual social settings people will often speculate on "What is Your Super Power".  That may be cute on a date but on the streets, police to need to have real super powers such as the ability to make the right call in a split second and execute the proper course of action to protect people, property and perpetrators while under the extreme stress of a life or death situation.  Super Powers indeed.

One of the problems with applying an impossible level of scrutiny is that police will not engage or will delay in  engagement which could place them or others in danger.  Beyond that, officers will choose to leave the profession rather than being put into a position when their every decision and action is placed under an unreasonable level of critical scrutiny.

In short, police offers who joined the force to help others now have to wonder about how will helping others in a crises moment might harm them.

Here is what police officers have to face on the streets and why they need patience, caution and lethal force delivered with accuracy.

A simple traffic stop. The Minnesota Mayor of Brooklyn Center says he doesn't understand why police should be armed for that.  Here's why.

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