Yakima Police say they're trying to stop an ongoing gang war between rival gangs after a fatal shooting reported late last month. The gang related shooting of 30-year-old Marcos Guillen happened after police say he and rival gang members had an "altercation" inside a local store. Police say Guillen and rival gang members exchanged shots outside the store and Guillen was killed.
No charges were filed against three suspects arrested in the shooting but police say they believe rival gangs are now trying to take care of business outside of the law.
Capt. Jay Seely says a shooting over the weekend in West Valley in which two people were injured and a house fire on Sunday are likely related to the killing of 30-year-old Marcos Guillen. The house was frequented by local gang members and the fire may have been started intentionally. One person was able to escape the flames and no injuries were reported. But Seely says they expect other gang related shootings. He says officers are on high alert as they try and tap down the ongoing gang war in Yakima.

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