One day after Yakima Police held a study session with the Yakima City Council to talk about local gangs and gang crime police are investigating a gang related shooting. But no arrests have been made and no one was injured.
Capt. Jay Seely says at about 10:10 p.m. Wednesday officers responded to a report of numerous shots fired in the area of 1200 Willow St. Seely says 911 callers told authorities the suspects fired shots and fled from the area. When officers arrived they found 35 shell casings from a variety of different guns. The officers set up a perimeter and used a police K-9 to track the suspects to the area of the 1400 block of Swan Avenue. No suspects were located but security cameras in the area show the suspects from the shooting running to and getting into a newer dark sedan. They then drove out of the area. The investigation continues Today. Seely says the 1400 block of Swan Avenue is a popular area for gang members and they see problems in that area on regular basis.

Even though no injuries were reported in the shooting police still consider the shooting to be a serious gang related crime because they say someone was targeted for a specific reason.

Yakima Police and Yakima City Council members are working together to try and find an answer to the ongoing gang problems in Yakima. It's a problem city officials have been trying for years to find a solution only to see an increasing amount of gang related problems.

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