An officer involved shooting is now under investigation by the Yakima Valley Special Investigations Unit after the shooting early Tuesday morning. A 30-year-old man from Yakima is now in serious condition at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle after being shot by officers.

Officers stopped the vehicle and tried to contact the driver but he fled

Authorities say officers spotted a stolen vehicle in the 1200 block of North 1st Street at about 11:57 pm Monday. An officer tried to contact the driver but the driver fled the vehicle carrying a gun. As police chased the man he was firing shots at officers who were firing back. No officers were injured but the suspect driver was struck several times and arrested at the scene. Officers gave the man medical help. He was then taken to a Yakima hospital and then transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle where he's listed in serious condition.

Because officers were involved a special unit is investigating

A press release says "the investigation is being conducted by the Yakima Valley Special Investigative Unit (YVSIU) YVSIU is a team of supervisors, investigators, crime scene investigators and evidence technicians from various Yakima County law enforcement agencies and Washington State Patrol. YVSIU responds to and provides independent investigations of police use of force incidents. The team includes civilian community members who observe the criminal investigation and related processes, per the Law Enforcement Training and Community Safety Act (LETSCA). When the YVSIU investigation is complete, the results will be forwarded to the Yakima County Prosecutors Office for review."
The investigation in ongoing. The names of the involved Officers are not being released at this time.

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